As usual? Different.

No question about it: we are creatures of habit. Patterns of thinking and behaviour are difficult to break, even if they no longer make any sense. This is true for both individuals and for whole organisational cultures, who – including their structures and systems – will often try to reinforce their old ways of doing things and seldom tolerate dissenters. Let us help you to bring more meaning into your organisation: with relevant values that create value. With effective cultural development that turns values into reality. With communications that change your organisational culture. And, above all, with the will not just to change but to bring about genuine improvement.

Consciously. Better.

Understanding yourself is the first step towards change: which characteristics and (sub-conscious) motives really shape your organisational and leadership culture? How does your organisation typically work – and for what purpose? We will help you consider the meaning and relevance of the various elements of your culture: which of the collective ways of thinking and acting are really of value – and which are not? We can work together to draw up a meaningful culture profile, one that not only gives a picture of the status quo but, above all, that highlights possibilities for development that make sense – marking the beginning of a community of values that creates value together.

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Practically. Valuable.

Purpose, mission, vision? Values! Let us help you work out what your organisation really wants to focus on in the future – so that you can work together in a way that makes sense and for a purpose that is meaningful. We work with you to develop a value system that provides clear orientation – for leaders and employees to help them shape their day-to-day work activities, and for customers to help them make purchasing decisions. A value system that – unlike many company mission statements – consistently provides guidance for actions and forms the basis for the further development of your organisational culture and strategic direction.

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Exemplarily. Different.

As the saying goes, “nothing good will happen unless you do it”. To ensure that values are not just on paper or on the intranet, but are also translated into actual practice, we work with you to design a no-compromise practice-based process to develop your organisational culture as well as effective interventions. The key factors: the right incentives. Convincing examples. Leading by example. Commitment and consistency. Changing an organisational culture requires leadership – otherwise it will not happen.

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Communicatively. Convincing.

Changing an organisational culture requires communication. Because communication is culture – and shapes its very essence. It creates a shared understanding: by means of narratives that give things meaning. It gives your culture a shape: with unmistakeable images and symbolism. It makes your values and culture tangible: with formats that evoke emotions and that are focused on experiences. And the following is always true: the medium is the message. It would not be a very convincing concept, for example, to preach about a culture with flat hierarchies from a high pulpit. Work with us to design communication that will change and shape your culture – in and for an organisational culture that makes sense.

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