Enlightening background knowledge, controversial viewpoints, inspiring practical examples: with our JOURNAL we will open up a wide range of perspectives for you on organisational culture, values and meaning – from now on with regular new contributions.

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Crown of value creation tree as symbol for strategy, mission, vision

Successfully interconnected. Culture development with Continental.

For Continental AG, the ongoing development of its organisational culture is a key factor for sustainable success and the future viability of the company. We have accompanied and supported this development process from the outset.

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Shifting values in nutrition and technological innovations open up fascinating new value creation opportunities.

Our future bread: Transformation on the dining table?

You are what you eat. Shifting values that are reflected on our plates and technological innovations are opening up fascinating new value creation opportunities for food producers – some of these also have the potential to be disruptive. But which of them make really sense for people and the environment?

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Agility is a matter of mindset and organizational culture

Agility: More flexible! Faster! But where are you heading?

Sometimes it’s hard not to get the impression that the call for agility might in fact be an attempt to make up for a lack of orientation and managerial responsibility. Along the lines of – faster and more flexible, but heading anywhere or nowhere. This is certainly not what the originators of this idea had in mind.

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Digitisation should make sense for people

Digital. But is it also useful?

If it can be done, we do it. We don’t ask questions about the sense or purpose of new technologies until later, if at all. Yet a short-term technology hype can soon turn into an expensive flop. Genuine utility, on the other hand, has sustainable value. What does this mean for organisational culture in the digital era?

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Network culture is based on mutual benefit

Networks: no giving without taking.

Network organisations are considered to be the tried-and-tested answer to complicated, fast-changing circumstances. Yet, in order that networks function as a value-creating cooperation model, at least one prerequisite must be fulfilled. One widespread assumption, on the other hand, has proven to be incorrect.

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Make sense of the crisis: with our Value and Culture LABs.

Crisis is what you make of it. Make the best use of your experiences during the coronavirus crisis in order to further develop your value system as well as your organisational and leadership culture in a way that makes sense. With our individually designed Value and Culture LABs we offer you effective support – of course also online.

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Common food preferences build up trust

Trust: the pizza connection.

Trust is the glue that holds a community together – in the private sphere as well as in the professional environment. Collaboration which is based on trust is generally more efficient, despite the German proverb that suggests that control may be the better option. The question as to why we place our trust in certain people gives rise to some surprising answers.

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Corona crisis - momentum for sustainable cultural change that makes sense

Coronavirus crisis: six impulses for a sustainable culture change.

The true strength of an organisational culture is shown in the way it deals with existential challenges. But, above all, by looking at how the culture learns from this experience – whether it goes on to develop in a way that makes sense. Six impulses that provide food for thought and stimulus for action in times of coronavirus – and for the period to follow.

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