Successfully inter­connected. Culture develop­ment with Conti­nental.

For Continental AG, the ongoing development of its organisational culture is a key factor for sustainable success and the future viability of the company. We have accompanied and supported this development process from the outset.

People who are given the space to develop and to freely share their knowledge and ideas with others create ground-breaking solutions together and therefore value: cultural development at Continental is based on this conviction. More self-organisation. More interconnections. More value. This conviction is reflected in the corporate values that define Continental’s cultural identity and guide its cultural development: freedom to act, for one another, trust, passion to win.

Ongoing impetus that brings values to life.

Together with Continental, we develop and design interventions and formats that bring values to life and give new impetus to cultural development: from the playful and science-based swarm experiment to the open space for the more than 400 top executives in the company, which not only reflects the corporate culture but also gives the cultural concept of self-organised work an appropriate setting. From the app-supported intelligent interconnecting of people and ideas, to the inspiring market place of culturally influential and strategically pioneering projects. From the strategic keynote speech of the CEO, to spaces of reflection on your personal mindset.

Another result of our cooperation with Continental that’s truly worthwhile and meaningful is the company’s value creation tree: it is striking symbol of the shared underlying understanding that a magnificent crown (vision, mission and strategy) can only grow from strong roots (the value-based corporate culture). Values create value. And therefore meaning for Continental and its stakeholders.

We were supported in the visual design of numerous projects for Continental by our network partner 4D4B DESIGN.

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