We inspire and support the develop­ment of organi­sational cultures that make sense.

Value-oriented and agile.

We are a collective of consulting creatives. We are not connected by rigid structures but by our value system and a shared understanding of the way we can create value for our customers. This is why we are extremely agile, even though we are not particularly keen on fashionable, short-lived buzzwords. (Read more about the idea of agility here.)

Inter­disci­plinary and practice-based.

We bring together the best insights from various disciplines such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, cultural studies, communication studies and economic science and combine these with creative approaches and effective methods. We see the development of organisational culture in an interdisciplinary way and shape it with a consistent focus on actual practice. This allows values to become reality.

Fundamental and systemic.

We think and act in terms of interrelationships. Because organisational culture can only be shaped as a living system. And we maintain a focus on fundamental issues. Because successful development of the organisational culture is a question of setting clear priorities.


We develop value systems and advise you on maintaining a consistent focus on values. Because values create meaning for all stakeholders. And this means sustainable success for the whole organisation.


We can create a complete process for the development of your corporate culture or individual interventions within this process. Because the impact of value systems cannot be experienced until the corporate culture is being lived in practice.


We create communication strategies, content and formats that foster a common understanding of values and culture and enable people to experience organisational culture in an emotional way.

Every relationship starts with the initial contact. We look forward to hearing from you.